Are you an Apple Fanboy??

Our good buddy, Eric Cosner sure is. He is an up and coming app developer.
Check out his newest project Reef Tank Pro



CloudOn likes that we like them.. awwe!

CloudOn likes that we like them.. awwe!
Seriously, if you are an iUser, and file management on the fly is important to you, then go to the app store and download CloudOn- ITS FREE!
Sync this app to your dropbox or google drive to manage files. This app is a mini Microsoft Office, allowing you to create Word, Powerpoint, and Excel files instantly. This app is especially slick on the iPad. Go get it!

[iCloud Tutorial] What is iCloud and how to use it as a PC user

In this tutorial we put together, you will learn what the iCloud is and how to utilize it as a PC user.

If you have an iPad, iPhone, iPod, or iWhatever, download the iCloud app in the app store. It’s free. The iCloud app is the easiest way to transfer files and information from your Apple device straight to your PC or Mac, without even using “the legendary white iCord”. This app will sync your device to your computer using your connection. Check it out!


[iTunes11 Tutorial] How to use new features – (sidebar enabled, mini-player, play next)

MSM is still messing around with the features of the new iTunes11 released by Apple a few days ago. In this video MSM explains how to use the “Play Next” feature, the mini-player feature, and how to make iTunes 11 look like previous versions.

Download the new iTunes 11 here.

[App Review] CloudOn for iPad

If you are looking for a TOTALLY FREE iPad app that can help you get some work done, then download CloudOn.


If you have already downloaded CloudOn, then you probably use it every day. When you launch the app, the slick animated logo and the loading bar lets you know that the developers were paying extra attention to the cool factor while making this app. Sync your Google Drive, Dropbox, or box account and access the folders and files associated with those accounts. There are a few different ways to view your files. It’s pretty sweet to be able to manage those accounts on the fly.

The best part about CloudOn is that you can create a Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file from your iPad and save it to your Dropbox to edit later, or share with your co-workers, clients, or friends instantly. We recommend this app. It’s free, go download it in the app store.

From the CloudOn website:

CloudOn brings Microsoft Office to your tablet. All of it. Of course you can format text, change fonts and catch that typo, but imagine being able to track changes while editing Word documents, use pivot tables and insert formulas in Excel and present your PowerPoint slides complete with transitions.

Another nifty little feature is the ability to view PDFs (including 3d PDFs) and fill out PDF forms on your workspace! You also have a universal viewer that lets you view virtually any file – from raw Photoshop images to everyday image files like PNG, JPEG and GIF.