Is Your iPhone 3GS frozen at the Apple logo start up screen?

Ok, so you were in the middle of an update, or for no apparent reason, your iPhone 3GS is “frozen” on the black screen with the infamous apple logo. You called AT&T and they tell you to call Apple and they tell you to call AT&T back. Between waiting on the phone, finding the tiny paper clip piece to pop open the SIM card, wondering if you are going to lose your apps, pics, and videos, you have to restrain yourself from smashing it to pieces


Here is how to fix the issue. (You will lose all of your photos, videos, and other content.)

– Open iTunes
– Make sure the iPhone is off
– Tether iPhone to your computer
– Hold in on/off button + home button for 10 seconds
– Let go of on/off button ONLY, continue to hold in home button for 15 seconds
– iTunes will prompt open a window suggesting your phone is now in “recovery mode”
– Restore and be patient.

This will restore your phone back to factory settings, installing the latest version of iOS.


Thanks for the input. Keep on geekin'!

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