[Video Tutorial] Adobe Fireworks CS5 – Utilizing Your Workspace – Tools, Panels, Features, and more

In this tutorial we go over Adobe Fireworks CS5 and how to make the most out of your workspace. You will learn how to enable/disable features in different panels. We also do a brief over view of tools, styles, and other features.

About Fireworks panels 

Panels are floating controls that help you edit aspects of a selected object or elements of the document. Panels let you work on states, layers, symbols, color swatches, and more. Each panel is draggable, so you can group panels in custom arrangements.

Optimize panel- Lets you manage the settings that control size and type of a file and work with the color palette of the file or slice.
Layers panel- Organizes the structure of a document and contains options for creating, deleting, and manipulating layers.
Common Library panel- Displays the contents of the Common Library folder, which contains symbols. You can easily drag instances of these symbols from the Document Library panel to your document.
Pages panel-  Displays the pages in the current file and contains options for manipulating pages.
States panel-  Displays the states in the current file and includes options for creating animations.
History panel-  Lists commands you have recently used so that you can quickly undo and redo them. In addition, you can select multiple actions, and then save and reuse them as commands.
Auto Shapes panel-  Contains Auto Shapes that are not displayed in the Tools panel.
Styles panel- Lets you store and reuse combinations of object characteristics or select a stock style.
Document Library panel Contains graphic symbols, button symbols, and animation symbols that are already in the current Fireworks document. You can easily drag instances of these symbols from the Document Library panel to your document. You can make global changes to all instances by modifying only the symbol.
URL panel Lets you create libraries containing frequently used URLs.
Color Mixer panel Lets you create new colors to add to the color palette of the current document or to apply to selected objects.
Swatches panel Manages the color palette of the current document.
Info panel Provides information about the dimensions of selected objects and the exact coordinates of the pointer as you move it across the canvas.
Behaviors panel Manages behaviors, which determine what hotspots and slices do in response to mouse movement.
Find panel Lets you search for and replace elements such as text, URLs, fonts, and colors in a document or multiple documents.
Align panel Contains controls for aligning and distributing objects on the canvas.
Auto Shape Properties panel Lets you change the properties of an Auto Shape after you insert one into your document.
Color Palette panel (Window > Others) Enables you to create and swap color palettes, export custom ACT color swatches, explore various color schemes and access commonly used controls for choosing colors.
Image Editing (Window > Others) Organizes common tools and options used for bitmap editing into one panel.
Path panel (Window > Others) Provides quick access to many path-related commands.
Special Characters (Window > Others) Displays the special characters that can be used in text blocks.
Symbol Properties Manages the customizable properties of graphic symbols.

source: Adobe Help


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