Upgrading to iOS6 – Unable to join your network?

After downloading and installing the new iTunes 11 this weekend, I figured it was time for an overhaul on my iPad, which included an upgrade to iOS6. I backed up all of my files to the iCloud, and restored the device. After a few (20-30 mins) I had finally download, installed, loaded, waited, synced, and swiped the lock screen. The first thing the iPad asked me to do was connect to my wifi. I thought sure no problem.

I had got a prompt screen saying – ” Unable to join network.” After a few more failed attempts, I hit up google to see if there was a fix. Others claim they have this issue when updating to iOS6. So I figured the new upgrade was the culprit. I had seen a few forums mention to change IP address, and tweak network setting. I walked over to the cable modem and wireless router and unplugged them both for 30 seconds. Re-Plug, and PRESTO.. Problem solved.

Moral of this geeky story – If you upgrade to iOS 6 and you are ” unable to join network,” reset your wireless router to fix the issue!


Thanks for the input. Keep on geekin'!

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