The New MySpace!

Scrolling and trolling through the internet is something that we do pretty much all day. Within the miles and piles of junk that covers most internet news websites lied a sneak peak at the new MySpace.

Yes.. That MySpace. After taking a proverbial beating from Facebook in the social media realm, MySpace is on a comeback. Check out the video.

What’s our take on the new MySpace?
To be honest, it looks pretty slick. Without looking at the code, it looks like they utilize a lot of standard languages and techniques.
The music player feature is a great add on that Facebook is missing. To drag and drop tunes into a custom playlist is exactly what I would add to a social networking site if I designed one. If you are in a band or managing one, the new re-vamped MySpace is the ticket. Some of the other sites like ReverbNation and SoundCloud limit you big time. From what I remember about MySpace circa ’05-07 is that if you were the least bit nerdy you could have a sweet customized page. HTML trick your way into sitting with the cool kids at lunch. Lets hope the new design has some loopholes to allow tweaks to make you or your business stand out from the rest.

You need to expand your audience, lets hope that the new MySpace networks are capable of handling all of the expected new or renewed users. It wouldn’t look to good to re-vamp and have a million users lagging.

On a positive note, for mobile and tablet users, this new design will most likely run smooth and have some fun slider features. Plus the addition of the music player is crucial.

When the new MySpace is launched, you will be able to search and find us. 😉


Thanks for the input. Keep on geekin'!

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