DangerMuffin shakes the Fiddle!

This past Saturday the team loaded up the Subaru and took the 20 minute trip down to Thomas WV to check out South Carolina trio DangerMuffin.

The vibe upon walking into the Purple Fiddle is one of a Seattle coffee shop mixed with small town WV love. Small comfortable and filled with good vibrations. I was not expecting the experience I was about to have.

The night started off calm with the opening act being a group of local friends doing an acoustic set. WOW!!! Much respect goes to those local musicians who showed that you don’t have to be famous or live in a city to put your soul through an instrument.

DangerMuffin is composed of songwriter guitarist  Dan Lotti,drummer Steven Sandifer and, guitarist Mike Sivilli. Hailing from South Carolina these boys are reinventing American roots music. Combining country, southern blues, rock and roll, with folk tunes, DangerMuffin is breathing a much welcomed breath of life into the American music scene. With the industry filled with one of jam bands and pretty faces singing someone else s songs, it was a very much welcomed event to hear music truly coming from the heart.

One could tell that these boys enjoyed music in its purest form and paid homage to the their heritage and roots by keeping it simple but yet finding a complexity that struck me with awe. Going from covers such as: Breathe (Pink Floyd), and Scarlett Begonias (really?), to beautiful originals like Walk Into the Wind and Masquerade.

Many thanks to the Purple Fiddle, DangerMuffin and, the beautiful people there to pass the love around.

For more information check out the band’s website.

Check the MountainStone Media YouTube Channel for the latest jam band videos.


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