Girl Talk drops new album – All Day

What do you get when you take the past 4 decades, add modern technology, and dust it with dancy booty bouncing bass lines?

Pittsburgh’s own Girl Talk comes to mind for one. 
On his latest album, DJ Gregg Michael Gillis,(Aka Girl Talk) spans genres from 60’s folk through to modern-day pop artists and anything in between. Taking mash-ups to the next level he keeps the crowd moving through an audio adventure that makes one need to take some Ritalin for 3 days after just to calm down.

Girl Talk just released a new album titled All Day.
Some bands sampled on his new album: Jay-Z, Ozzy, Sting, MIA,  Missy Elliot, The Ramones, Beyonce, Rakim, Miley Cyrus, Tiffany, Young MC, Radiohead, Rhianna, and a lot of 80’s pop artists that you love.

To really experience it go download the album at his website. Girl Talk releases all of his work for FREE!


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