Eoto, DangerMuffin, and Papdosio up next on MSM Film Tour

The MSM Film Tour commences.
We have been booked to film 3 big upcoming shows.

11/18/10  EOTO –  Baltimore, MD @ Sonar

11/20/10  DangerMuffin – Thomas, WV @ Purple Fiddle

11/26/10  Papdosio – Pittsburgh, PA @ Rex Theatre

Info about the bands from Wiki or their respecting websites.


Eoto: is an electronic band consisting of Michael Travis and Jason Hann. All their live music is created without a script and without prerecorded loops. In the summer of 2006, Hann and Travis joined together to create a style of music that was very different from what they had performed live before. By incorporating looper pedals, like Echoplex and the DJ program Ableton, the duo set their live instruments free while taking on a new electronic flavor. Their continued collaboration led to their first show at Sonic Bloom in May 2006. They were quickly booked across the country, and in 2008 alone they played over 200 live shows. EOTO has played more than seven hundred unique showcases in 48 different states in the five years since their founding.

DangerMuffin: Dangermuffin is an eclectic trio, providing a much-needed fresh perspective on American roots music. Seamlessly melding the feel of a back porch blues band with dance-floor grooves, their original yet familiar sound pleases crowds of all ages. 

Papdosio: Papadosio has remained an anomaly during their first 4 years as emerging artists. Their unique mission to inspire and constantly defy genre has giving them the edge needed to turn a new page in their musical pursuit. The most exciting of the changes taking place would have to be the addition of Sam Brouse to the line-up. His technical skill can only be matched by his amazing knack for songwriting. Stage production is getting a complete overhaul, as well as the instrumentation layout. This is a new season for sure, and you dont want to miss your opportunity to see what the future of Papadosio is really all about.


Check out our YouTube Channel.


Thanks for the input. Keep on geekin'!

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