Blue Moon Rising on Deep Creek Lake

For the past month or so, MSM has been working with the beautiful minds that is Blue Moon Rising on Deep Creek Lake.Blue Moon Rising is Deep Creek Lake’s first ever ALL ECO- FRIENDLY VILLAGE. Their goal is to create a community that is driven off the wonders of nature. There are plans for 14 “Waldens” and a community center.

Once in a blue moon . . . . something green comes along. Blue Moon Rising (BMR) on Deep Creek Lake will be the areaʼs most innovative development to date. In partnership with Mother Nature, an eco-retreat like no other is being created in the heart of Garrett County in western Maryland. Using the landscape as a guide, natural structures that boast an ecologically tiny impact will be blended harmoniously with the wooded mountainside, overlooking Deep Creek Lake. Every aspect of BMRʼs design/build process has been meticulously considered to minimize the carbon footprint, and maximize the future-friendly ethic that drives everyone involved in the project.

Check this place out. Remember it is still in development stage.


Thanks for the input. Keep on geekin'!

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